da Ledo

The restaurant

some curiosities

The restaurant "da Ledo" was the first holiday resort of Lacona's town.

It was opened from Bolano Ledo in the 40s years, who had read the future of this beautiful town.


Ledo started the business as point of refreshement (bar, ice-cream shop, restaurant, delicatessen and bazaars).


Ledo with Cesarina (his wife), his daughter Lorella and son in law Renzo Mazzarri (three times world champion in spearfishing) managed the activity until the mid-80s years then they gave the activity on outsourcing.


Since 1992, the activity is managed by the Barresi's family.


The restaurant is located on the beach of Lacona virtually on the water, the destination of many tourists both foreign and Italian.


The restaurant is able to satisfy all its clients needs through:

  • bar-service where it is possible to find breakfast, small snacks (hot and cold), aperitifs and wonderful ice-cream on the morning

  • restaurant-service where it is possible to find a rich fish and meat menù including pizza and schiacciatine.


Furthermore it is possible to use the solarium, a beautiful roof garden about 250 square meters overlooking the sea, which will be used for other types of events or point of refreshment with a lot of snacks in the near future

The staff

The activity is divided into two areas: bar and restaurant.


IDA and CATERINA (the owners) manage the bar togheter GABRIELA and ELENA.


FELICE manage the restaurant helped in the kitchen from SALVATORE SAID and FABIO, in pizzeria we find BASSEM and finally we find CORINNA and LILIANA at the reception and the table service.


The restaurant is opened from April to October, while the bar is opened ALL THE YEAR.


Contact us

ADRESS: Via del Moletto, 272, 57031 Lacona, Isola d'Elba (LI)


PHONE: 392-4537688/0565-1792253

BAR: 0565-1835137